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Steve LaddLADD MEDIA provides  marketing, distribution, fundraising and online support services for media producers, distributors, nonprofits and small businesses.

Drawing on over 30 years of real world experience, I can help you successfully navigate the ever-changing world of independent media distribution and online marketing.

I first developed websites and online stores starting in 1995, and since then have created numerous web sites, e-commerce stores and online marketing strategies for a wide variety of clients.

I was for many years the Executive Director of The Video Project, an Oscar-winning production and media distribution company, and still serve as a marketing consultant with the company. I have helped acquire and distribute several hundred top-rated documentaries created by producers worldwide.

I have successfully raised over $2 million for media production, distribution and outreach/engagement campaigns from large and small foundations and funders. One state humanities council called one proposal I co-authored a “model proposal.”

For the Cafeteria Man film project,  I raised over $200,000 and managed the national screening and public television broadcast campaign focused on bringing healthier, locally sourced food to schools. Among the funders were the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and Fledgling Fund.

I have also assisted many other filmmakers, distributors, organizations and businesses in their online and marketing strategies

Additionally, I have extensive consumer product marketing experience, having served as the primary marketing consultant for a well-respected online retail business for over 15 years — managing online commerce, email marketing, social media and other online advertising.

I take great pride in my work and I believe it shows in the many positive recommendations I receive from my clients.

I welcome the opportunity to learn more about your needs and discuss how I can best be of assistance to you. I recommend everyone to check the site where you can easily get to the Master level in games like elo, everyone should get some entertainment in their life!

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Steve Ladd